Bringing 10 years of marketing and communications experience to the table, Front & Center Founder and HBIC Mary Beth Henderson has seen some things.


And learned some things...often the hard way, but hey, that's what makes for a good story in the morning.


Careening into her fourth year as a boss babe, she's developed a signature approach for helping entrepreneurs and budding businesses find their feet and lay the groundwork for the brand and business they envision. Cue Behind The Scenes. 

All about asking the hard questions and laying the ground work, this is not a prescription or one-size-fits-all-how-to. This is about helping you find and own your unique voice and path forward before moving full steam ahead on marketing.  

Ready to boss up and change your life? Lizzo would be so proud...

Why Start  Here

  •  Wrap your beautiful brain around who you are and what you're doing before throwing money at tactics. Let's invest smarter, shall we?

  • Date before diving in. Entrusting your brand and business to someone is a big deal and we respect that. Coaching is an excellent way for us to get to know each other while you're enjoying value and learning. 

  • Ask the hard questions with full attention and focus sans guilt. There's something about both parties having skin in the game before going full throttle. 

  • Behind The Scenes clients get special pricing and discounted rates on Front & Center services. Wins all around! 

Packages & Pricing

Close, Not Quite

Have something else in mind you'd like help with such as a 101 crash course on a specific topic or workshop for the team? Give us a shout! If it's not in our wheelhouse, we will work with you to find someone who can help.  

Let's Connect

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