Mary Beth Henderson
Founder | Boss Bey | Ringmistress

Say her name, say her name. Mary Beth is to Beyonce as Front & Center is to Destiny’s Child.  An independent woman and seasoned veteran of the stiletto sprint from corporate to start-up, Mary Beth has nearly a decade of dedicated marketing and communications experience (healthcare tech, international law, politics, US government) that, somewhere along the way, transformed her into a (figurative) marketing swiss army knife. She serves as F&C’s endearingly awkward Ringmistress, proudly keeping every one of her fashionable small business owner top hats on hand. She sometimes even wears two at a time, because she’s a trendsetter like that.  (Someone call Vogue.) 


Her specialties include new business formation, brand identity, digital presence/web design and messaging with the ultimate goal of building the foundation for successful growth to pay those bills, bills, bills. As the daughter of an English teacher, she is a world champion in turning phrases. She is also wonderfully adept at client pep-talks and ring corner shouting, which is a delightful added bonus of working with F&C.   


Mary Beth is a soldier, having survived being employee #5 of a national tech start up. (She’ll tell the tale for wine.) She was born and raised in Georgia, but you won’t hear a southern accent unless she’s angry. If you start to hear a slight twang, best to quickly apologize and offer her quiche. When she’s not directing client meetings and tackling action items like the boss-bey she is, she’s either snuggling with her three large rescue pups or picking up heavy things and putting them down at her favorite CrossFit box. (She considers being called a she-beast a compliment.)   

A firm believer in reputation over recognition, Mary Beth is not one for silver bullets. Want to see her twitch? Say “blue sky planning”. She is an executioner through and through, and prefers concise, straightforward conversation followed by all the action.   


We've got an all-star line up of creative, cunning and savvy she-ra-princess-of-power types that make the marketing magic happen all day every day. Want to learn more about the muscle behind our hustle? Let's get to know each other.




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