New Business Formation

You’ve got an amazing idea and the dedication and drive to bring it to fruition, but could use some proven, turn-by-turn directions along the way.


Front & Center acts as your personal roadside assistant during new business formation, excitedly steering the wheel toward effective strategy & organization, competitive pricing & packaging, informative market analysis, inventive launch plans & initial marketing, and fundamental referrals.


Collaboration and execution are key focuses of our work in this rousing realm. We ask the right questions and develop the best plan of action in order to take you from dreamer to successful entrepreneur.

  • Strategy & Organization

  • Competitive Pricing & Packaging

  • Market Analysis

  • Launch Plans

  • Initial Marketing

  • Fundamental Referrals


Business Branding

Whether you've just signed on the dotted line for your first LLC or have been doing the stiletto sprint for years, pressure to land your brand can get real fast, but it is a long-game that needs to span well beyond your elevator pitch.


At Front & Center, we find the best place to start is with a blank piece of paper and some big questions to help you wrap your head around who you are, what you're doing and where you're going.


From there, we construct a true-to-you identity and voice that resonates with your ideal clients. Bullet-proof messaging, professional graphic design, polished brand guides, swoon-worthy styled shoots, and strategic co-branding are then built around that identify.


We love when a plan comes together!

  • Brand Identity

  • Messaging

  • Graphic Design, Brand Guides

  • Styled Shoots

  • Co-Branding & Affiliations



Personal Branding

  • ​Story & Identity

  • Portfolio Design

  • Personal Social Media Optimization

  • Personal Style

  • Styled Shoots

  • Curating connection

Whether you are a start-up founder looking to create a strong professional presence or are an established powerhouse looking to lead and influence, personal branding is key when it’s your turn for a close up. 


From confidence coaching and curating your story to designing and styling the wonder-that-is-you, Front & Center will put the pieces in place to reflect you in a professional, and, above all, authentic light.


Marketing Strategy
& Planning

  • Situation Analysis

  • Target Audience

  • Marketing Goals

  • Strategy & Budget

  • Affiliate Programs

  • Partnerships

When it comes to marketing strategies, we don’t just think outside the box – we deconstruct the box and everything around it before developing a targeted plan that aligns with your budget, timeline, and individual goals.  (We were totally those kids who couldn’t jump in and finish a half-constructed Lego set.  We had to break it all down before we built it back up.)


We set measurable goals and work until we’ve successfully launched or promoted your business.  We’ve got all the strategic thinking in our arsenal, including affiliate programs, partnerships, influencer collaborations, nostalgia, great story telling, and copious amounts of fun.  (All equally important!)

Digital Presence

& Web Design

  • Web Design

  • Social Media Management

  • Content Development

  • Organic SEO

  • Email Marketing


Your digital presence is judged before many potential clients will even pick up the phone to talk with you. Let’s capture these unicorns together by making certain that your website and social media channels are telling the story you want them to tell. 


For the small business that wants something responsive, striking and modern, while being effective and easy to update, we have the website strategy for you. We are adept at building beautiful, functional sites that tend to be a bit more wallet-friendly than the big guns.


 As far as social media goes, it is a wonderful way to connect and converse with both clients and prospects, but set up and upkeep can be overwhelming. Front & Center will help you decide on the social media strategy that best suits your business and then either take the reins for you (one less thing to worry about...), or teach you how to make the most of your social presence.


Content Development

  • Blog Articles

  • Web Copy

  • Social Media

  • Advertising

  • Email Marketing

  • Proposals & Presentations

Wordsmithing is at the core of Front & Center’s arsenal. From messaging strategy to marketing material production, if it involves writing, we will tackle it with creativity, enthusiasm, and optimism.


We’ve crafted engaging content for just about every industry possible – arts, accounting, engineering, construction, home décor and improvement, law, real estate, and wedding – just to name a few.


If we haven’t done it, you know we love a good challenge. Front & Center’s words appear in blog articles, web copy, social media, advertising, email marketing, proposals, presentations, case studies, press releases, personal bios, white papers, and much more.


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