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Some ventures stem from a life-long passion while others come from the universe delivering a swift kick in the rear – in the case of Front & Center, it was a fine combination of both. 


F&C Founder Mary Beth was neck deep in the tech rat-race finding herself 50-shades of frustrated. She was exhausted from fighting demands for smoke screens and silver bullets that promised quick sales but inevitably let to the same end – profound disappointment and costly clean-up.


Between stiletto sprints, she sought solace in side hustle that soothed her need to see great work come to fruition, and, as time marched on, she realized a common thread among her favorite projects – they were all from the small business and entrepreneurial space. 


She was drawn to the unbridled passion, tenacity and enthusiasm budding among this tribe, and gained a healthy respect for a sound brand foundation and careful marketing initiatives laid from the start.


If you know anything about MB, you also know she has limited patience for too much strategery talk and appreciated that, with small business, ain’t nobody got time for that – sooner rather than later, dirt needs to be pushed and she’s a born bulldozer. 


It hit her like a 2x4 to the dome piece – the small business space needed a scrappy champion to serve as its Swiss army knife for all things marketing and communication. In December of 2016, she founded Front & Center with this mission in mind. 


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